3 Tips For Relieving Painful, Achy Joints | Magnolia Physical Therapy

3 Tips For Relieving Painful, Achy Joints

May 3rd, 2021
3 Tips For Relieving Painful, Achy Joints | Magnolia Physical Therapy

It’s not uncommon for us to wake up feeling a little strange or achy in our joints. Sometimes we wonder, “Did I sleep on my neck wrong? Do I need to replace my mattress or get a better pillow?” It’s only normal that from time to time we feel a little off upon getting our day started!

However, if you find that you’re consistently waking up in pain, whether it be in your neck, back, hips, or elsewhere, it could be time for a trip to a physical therapist. don’t have to rule your morning or your life! Our clinic has worked with tons of patients dealing with aches and pains in their joints, so contact Magnolia Physical Therapy today to learn more. We’re 100% committed to helping you enjoy a better quality of life.

The true reason behind your morning aches and pains…

Believe it or not, your mattress isn’t always to blame for your aches and pains. Throughout the day, your joint tissues become irritated. By the time you’re tired and ready to go to bed, there’s a good chance you won’t even notice the irritation.

For the most part, when you fall asleep, you stay in the same spot, unmoving for the entire night. This allows the inflammation to grow thicker and the joints become even more irritated over the next eight hours or so.

This results in you waking up in the morning and finding that your joints are stiff and achy, which is so uncomfortable! After you start moving around though, usually the inflammation becomes more fluid-like and the pain will lessen or subside altogether. Even if this is the case, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to cease waking up in pain to begin with.

One common remedy for this is to stay properly hydrated throughout the day. Drinking enough fluids and staying hydrated allows your body’s tissues to function at their normal rate, whereas dehydration slows down your chemical processes and has the opposite effect!

Do I have a more serious medical condition?

Although staying hydrated is important, water can’t fix everything. Sometimes it’s not as simple as consuming enough fluids throughout the day to ease your aching joints. If your doctor has diagnosed you with a more serious medical condition that impacts your joints and tissues, physical therapy can be a great option for ultimate pain relief or elimination.

Some of the most common ailments that can be relieved with the guidance of a physical therapist:

  • Lupus.
  • Athletic injuries such as tennis and golfer’s elbow.
  • Tendonitis.
  • Back pain.
  • Knee pain.
  • Hip pain.
  • Bursitis.
  • Gout.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Osteoarthritis.

Unfortunately, all of these conditions can cause aching, stiffness, and joint pain. A physical therapist will work with you to help you gain your strength back, achieve a greater range of motion with the affected joints or limbs, and relieve the pain so you can enjoy a better quality of life.

3 Natural Ways To Relieve Stiff, Achy Joints

Everyone’s physical therapy treatment is different because everyone’s pain condition is different. Your physical therapy treatment plan will largely depend on the specific symptoms or diagnosis you have received.

There are several recommendations that work hand-in-hand with physical therapy, and your therapist may suggest you try them for yourself. Here are some tips that your physical therapist may share with you on your recovery journey!

  • Pay attention to what you’re eating. We are what we eat. According to Healthline, “A plant-based diet provides antioxidants, which can help reduce inflammation by eliminating free radicals from the body.” Be sure to consume lots of brightly colored fruits and vegetables. These healthy foods contain many antioxidants and vitamins, which help to fight the swelling and inflammation that can lead to joint pain. Having a well-rounded diet is key to relieving joint pain. Adopting a better diet also helps your body reap more benefits from exercise, and helps you to get better sleep!
  • Go to sleep on time. Sleeping is natural, and when you’re doing it at the right time, it doesn’t mean you’re lazy! Sleep can help you stay fit, which is pretty cool. When you get enough sleep, it increases your ability to exercise effectively. When you exercise regularly, it helps you to get better sleep. Better sleep habits and physical exercise are a powerful duo for keeping aches and stiffness away.
  • Improve your posture — sit up straight! Having good posture during the day also helps your joints to function properly. When we slouch or don’t practice good posture, it causes unnecessary strain on parts of the body that shouldn’t be stressed. It’s important to get up every half hour for stretches if you work at a job that requires you to stay pretty sedentary all day. Moving around keeps your circulations going, and can help relieve joint pain.

Relieve stiff and achy joints today; call our clinic for more information

You don’t have to be a famous athlete to benefit from physical therapy! Many of the exercises and stretches a physical therapist will teach and recommend are very easy and simple to perform on your own, and they don’t require special tools or equipment. Not to mention, most of our patients aren’t Olympic athletes — they’re regular people!

We can schedule a comprehensive exam for you to meet with one of our movement specialists. They can assess your condition and create a customized treatment plan suited for your exact needs!

If you’re experiencing joint pain, it’s time to end your discomfort once and for all. Contact Magnolia Physical Therapy today to learn more about how physical therapy can benefit you and relieve your pain. So what are you waiting for? Pain relief is a phone call away.

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