About Our Practice - Magnolia Physical Therapy

About Our Practice

When future owners Beth Winkler and Lisa Taglauer started talking about opening a physical therapy practice more than a decade ago, they were dreaming. They envisioned a place where patients would normally receive at least 30 minutes of personal manual therapy; the gym would be stocked with state-of-the-art equipment, doctors would refer patients because of great outcomes; highly-trained physical therapists and dedicated support staff would work there, and, most importantly, patients would experience tremendous results.

They opened the doors in August 2005 and the dream came true. Unfortunately, the dream lasted for about two weeks until Hurricane Katrina and the levee failures hit New Orleans. Like the city they grew up in and love, Beth and Lisa fought back and took their small struggling one-room clinic and built it up to the reality it is today: an independent, women-owned physical therapy practice with three locations (and growing) that believes physical therapy should not only restore people, but it should also provide them FREEDOM FROM PAIN.

At Magnolia Physical Therapy we take a hands-on approach to rehabilitative health care. All of our physical therapists bring years of extensive education and experience when working with patients, using an individualized strategy that includes:

  • Assessing the underlying causes to dysfunction as well determining other contributing factors;
  • Developing with the patient and physician a plan of action that will not only address the dysfunction, but will also increase range of motion and improve quality of life;
  • Dedicating a significant amount of time, usually 30 minutes or more, of hands-on manual therapy that employs the most effective techniques;
  • Monitoring the patient’s exercises to ensure proper movement, and
  • Providing the patient a thoughtful and thorough explanation of the biomechanics involved in their injury or condition, and giving them the tools to maintain, and even improve, the progress they have made.

Our Commitment to You

At Magnolia Physical Therapy, we build relationships with our patients that are based on trust and establishing a collaborative path to healing the patient. We don’t simply work on you; we work with you. Our physical therapists and staff bring a passionate optimism that soon starts rubbing off on the patient. We empathize with our patients’ pain and their limitations, and it is our sincere commitment to restore them to where they once were.

Do you want to return to work? Do you want to fully recover from surgery? Do you want to walk without assistance? Play sports again? Or is it something as simple as picking up and hugging your child without feeling searing pain in your back?

At Magnolia, we’ve worked with our patients to make all of these dreams and many more come true. So whether you’re an athlete, an expecting mother, or an active retiree, our team of compassionate, expert physical therapists is ready to help you achieve FREEDOM FROM PAIN. For more information, Call Us at Harahan & New Orleans, LA Centers.