Careers - Magnolia Physical Therapy


Primarily your job would entail upholding the following core values with our patients and your teammates:
1. We’re open because we care.
2. Do it with a smile.
3. We’ll fix it.
4. Give everyone a chance to surprise you.
5. Gratitude is our attitude.
6. Celebrate like a second line.

Secondarily your responsibilities would be:
Accurate assessment and evaluation of each patient.
Accountable for each patient adhering to their plan of care.
Delivery of high quantity and quality of patient care, resulting in patients with improved physical conditions.

You will be measured by:
– Number of people helped per week
– Patient arrival rate
– Testimonials from your patients
– Accuracy of prescribed treatment

Must pass pre-employment drug test and background check.

Location: New Orleans, LA 

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