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Dr. Brent Champagne magnolia pt

Dr. Brent Champagne , DPT, Westbank Clinic Director

Brent was born in Metairie, Louisiana. His early education included being a member of several outside groups like Beta Club, 4-H, Chess Club, Swim, Baseball, and Basketball teams. Heading to high school he was leaning toward a future in the medical field. Honor classes in biology, anatomy, and physics proved most appealing to him. He then chose the University of Louisiana at Lafayette to attend college for a degree in Exercise Science. After college, Brent stayed in Lafayette for a couple of years while working as a waiter and personal trainer. He then was then accepted to the University of St. Augustine where he received a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Additionally, Brent have acquired certifications as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, in National Council of Strength and Fitness and National Academy of Sports Medicine. Obtaining these certifications, completing continuing education hours, and gaining work experience made him understand the importance of furthering his professional knowledge which would be critical to providing exceptional patient care.