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  • I can pick up my children without pain!

    When I first came, I had severe pinching on my left side, including my hip, buttocks, and knee. After treatments the pinching has completely resolved. I am able to walk normally and pick up my children without pain.

    J. K.

  • I can play sports!

    After coming to Physical Therapy for lower back pain, I experienced a significant improvement and reduction in pain. As a result, I was able to return to running and playing sports.

    J. E.

  • PT helped me recover faster!

    As a self proclaimed fitness addict, when I hurt my shoulder I felt I could heal myself under my own guidance. The MRI showed a torn rotator cuff. Since taking professional direction from Magnolia PT, I’ve recovered more in the past two weeks than I had over the previous two years.

    S. M.

  • Warm and helpful staff!

    When I started Magnolia, I was having so much pain I could not get through the night without waking up multiple times. I feel the best now that I’ve felt in years. The entire staff is warm and helpful.

    E. O.

  • I could walk along the Italian coast!

    Thanks to Magnolia PT I was able to enjoy a great week in Italy. The Sunday before my trip I hurt my back and after four appointments I was able to walk and climb all over the coast. Thanks!

    C. C.

  • Very comfortable atmosphere!

    Definitely a way to fix the pain. My posture improved, better sleep, and a better attitude. Magnolia P.T. is a very comfortable atmosphere.

    T. F.

  • I can teach dance again!

    Since beginning therapy, my problems with my back have improved tremendously. As a dance teacher, I was having trouble demonstrating moves or even walking. After just two short weeks, I feel like my old self again. I wouldn’t be able to continue teaching as I am now without the therapy.

    J. G.

  • No more plantar fascitis!

    My foot is feeling much better and I can finally walk like a normal person. I know the exercises will keep me on the path to recovery. It feels great to finally know that plantar fascitis is going away.

    D. H.

  • I can job without pain!

    Therapy has been great! The ASTYM treatment really helped my knee. I no longer have any pain and I am now able to jog without pain.

    B. G.

  • I feel 99.9% improved!

    Starting out therapy I was in constant lower back and neck pain. Since my time here with treatments I feel 99.9% improved.

    D. M.

  • I can dance with my wife again!

    I am able to dance with my wife for the first time in 4 years. I am also able to work about 6 hours per day, standing all the time, 5 days a week without pain.

    S. B.

  • I can sleep again without pain!

    Before physical therapy my neck was constantly hurting, especially after I worked. Now I have no pain and can sleep fine and no more headaches.

    J. N.