D.M. - Magnolia Physical Therapy


July 13th, 2022

When I suffered a back injury, my range of motion and physical strength deteriorated as the time past. After being diagnosed with DVT’s as a result of being bedridden for so long, I found it difficult to even walk without being in pain. I was shuffled between chiropractors and physical therapist by my employers insurance company as an attempt for a quick fix. Which would end up aggravating my injury even more so. After speaking with my own doctors I was referred to Magnolia Physical Therapy. With my own expectations low from previous experiences I was assuming that this would be another ” run of the mill”” places that would be more concerned with which type of insurance I have rather than my own well being. Was I ever wrong, this company has there stuff together. First of all the staff is genuinely concerned about my well being. Throughout my experiences with the other so called ” physical therapist”, I wasn’t able to reach any relief at all. Now thanks to the staff uptown, I have regained motion and strength not only in my back,but also my lower extremities. Please if you are reading this, reach out to them. I can on and on,but trust me you will not be disappointed.