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Physical Therapy Services in New Orleans

At Magnolia Physical Therapy New Orleans, we offer comprehensive care for a wide range of diagnoses, injuries, and conditions. Our physical therapy services are designed to quickly reduce your pain and restore your normal function. We provide specialized care and treatments for:

Back and Neck Pain
Back and neck pain can come in many forms such as aches, sharp shooting pains, and inflamed or burning sensations. Common types of back and neck pain include muscle strains, pinched / compressed nerves, herniated discs(s), and vertebral fractures.
Headaches can be caused by tension in the upper neck at the base of the skull, referred pain from cervical nerve roots or muscular trigger points, as well as restricted cranial bone mobility.  Headaches are also common with post concussion syndrome
Shoulder Pain
Shoulder pain stems from issues with the connective joints, muscles, or nerves around the shoulder and neck areas. Common symptoms include a limited range of motion, neck, and shoulder pain, and/or joint stiffness.
Hip and Knee Pain Therapy ServicesHip and Knee Pain
Knee and Hip pain often involve muscle and/or joint stiffness that may limit one’s range of motion and mobility. If experiencing hip problems, it is also likely to experience knee pain as well.
Ankle and Foot Pain Therapy ServicesAnkle and Foot Pain
Ankle and Foot pain are usually signs of injury, overuse, or overall health issues such as tendonitis or arthritis. Common symptoms include inflamed muscles or swelling, sharp shooting pains, and joint/muscle stiffness.
Pelvic Health
Obstetrical care is available for any woman pre or post-pregnancy, including low back and sacroiliac pain, carpal tunnel, diastasis recti, numbness and tingling in hands or arms, pubic symphysis separation, or other musculoskeletal related issues during pregnancy. Women experiencing  pelvic-related pain and/or urinary incontinence can utilize pelvic floor physical therapy to restore strength, build flexibility, and ease tension.
Neurological Disorders
Following a neurological injury or disorder, physical therapy helps patients restore or develop brain functions and control over physical activity immensely.
Physical therapy following a concussion-related injury is crucial for a quick recovery and restoration of full brain functionality. Post-concussion physical therapy works with the vestibular, neurological and muscular system to restore normal function, vision, balance and cognition.
Balance Disorders Dizziness and Vertigo Therapy ServicesBalance Disorders, Dizziness, and Vertigo
For balance disorders, dizziness, and vertigo, our physical therapists are trained in vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT), a specialized technique focused on alleviating issues with the nervous system. 
Dry Needling Therapy ServicesDry Needling
Dry needling involves the use of thin filiform needles to relieve musculoskeletal and neuromuscular pain. Dry needling allows for deep tension release and has been proven to be an extremely effective and speedy treatment for tissue tension and painful trigger points directly in the muscle.

Specialized Physical Therapist Team

Our highly specialized and top-quality team of expert physical therapists has spent years studying the practice of physical therapy. All of Magnolia’s physical therapists have received specialized training to provide gentle, specific hands-on techniques to address muscle and joint injuries. Massage (soft tissue mobilization), joint mobilization, and neuromuscular techniques are a few areas of focus our physical therapists are trained in to help you feel better.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy involves specialized hands-on techniques that improve one’s range of motion and reduce pain. Physical therapists apply pressure with their hands to alleviate muscular pain, tension in the body, and joint dysfunction.

Through the manipulation of soft tissue, joints, and nerves, manual therapy allows our physical therapist team to reach areas of deep tension. Muscle and joint manipulation achieved by manual therapy techniques can reduce inflammation while increasing joint and muscle mobility. Manual therapy is especially beneficial if you are experiencing spine problems, joint injuries, or neck and back pain. 

Therapeutic Exercise

A crucial part of the recovery process involves strengthening the weakened muscles of your injured or painful areas. This provides better support to the joints and prevents pain from reoccurring. We show you the correct way to do easy exercises to improve your range of motion, strength, coordination, and stamina. In addition, we also teach you how to perform these exercises at home. Learn the skills to keep your body strong and healthy with the ability to replicate these exercises at home or a gym.

For rehabilitation from sports, injuries, or chronic issues, therapeutic exercises are a great option for physical treatment and recovery. These techniques work to build muscle endurance as well as restore function. Engaging in therapeutic exercise with the aid of a physical therapist is one of the best ways to achieve a quick recovery while strengthening your body in the process.

Unweighting equipment

Like aquatic therapy without getting wet, patients are able to perform functional movements such as walking, stepping up, squatting and push/pull activities to unload the body part in a pain free manner.

Therapeutic Modalities

Unweighting equipment Like aquatic therapy without getting wet, patients are able to perform functional movements such as walking, stepping up, squatting and push/pull activities to unload the body part in a pain free manner.

  • Diagnostic Ultrasound
    • For specific soft and connective tissue injuries and pain, an ultrasound may be necessary to locate ligament tears, tendon and muscle strains, and more. 
  • Heat and Cold Therapies
    • As ice aids with compression and inflammatory reduction and heat helps with circulation and blood flow, using temperature-specific techniques can help reduce pain levels and swelling. A combination of these modalities can also aid in rehabilitation in addition to reducing pain levels.
  • Dry Needling
    • Using slim, filiform needles, our trained physical therapist team practices dry needling to release tension and improve blood flow circulation. Dry needling is resourceful for both recovery and strength, as well as overall wellness and health.
  • ASTYM (Augmented Soft Tissue Manipulation)
    • ASTYM is a modality used to regenerate soft tissues such as tendons, ligaments, and muscles. This treatment is highly effective and a great solution for removing scar tissue. 
  • Cupping
    • Cupping is a suction technique that eases back, neck, and shoulder pain. Reducing muscle soreness, tightness, joint pain, and more, cupping has become a popular modality for sports rehabilitation and recovery.

Specialty Programs

  • Spine Lab
    • The clinical team at MPT has developed The Spine lab based on 133 of combined years of clinical experience using the latest research and the results they were getting with their patients with spine pain. The 3 pillars of Magnolia Physical Therapy’s Spine Lab are spinal alignment and soft tissue release, emphasis on pain free and safe movement , and pain science education.
  • Chronic Pain Lab
    • Using the latest research in pain neuroscience, polyvagal theory and pain reprocessing techniques, Magnolia Physical Therapy’s Chronic Panic Lab helps patients with long term chronic pain learn to live a more pain free life.
  • Pain science education – Used in both our Chronic Pain Lab and Spine Lab, patients will are educated on the latest pain neuroscience and brain retraining principles to create safety around their pain and teach them daily techniques proven to significantly lower or eliminate their brain’s pain response to pain.

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