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The Benefits of having an Ultrasound at Magnolia Physical Therapy

If you’ve suffered an injury or just experiencing aches and pains, you should consider scheduling an Ultrasound with Magnolia Physical Therapy. An Ultrasound is an excellent way to determine the source of an injury or pain in your body. By using high-frequency sound waves to create real-time images, ultrasounds enable medical professionals to identify and evaluate various conditions with precision.  Its non-invasive technique enables our staff to “see” the details of the organs and soft tissue within your body without making any invasive cuts or incisions. And unlike an X-ray, it does not use radiation. Having an Ultrasound enables our physical therapists to diagnose the source of your pain quickly and accurately, so they can better formulate a personalized treatment plan.

Female Receiving an Ultrasound

Ultrasound Benefits:

  1. 1. Accurate Diagnosis – Accurate diagnosis is the key to effective treatment. Ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to create real-time images. Ultrasound enables our physical therapists to identify and evaluate various conditions with precision.
  2. 2. Non-Invasive Techniques – By offering a non-invasive and reliable way to visualize internal organs and tissues, Ultrasound provides a valuable window into the body without the need for invasive procedures.
  3. 3. Monitoring Therapeutic Progress – Ultrasound allows our staff to monitor changes in tissues and organs over time. This real-time feedback enables adjustments to treatment plans, ensuring optimal outcomes and giving patients confidence in their ongoing care.
  4. 4. Bringing Comfort and Peace of Mind – For individuals facing health concerns, an ultrasound can provide reassurance by offering valuable information. By knowing the state of your body and having a clear understanding of your condition, you can approach your treatment with confidence.

10 Reasons to get an Ultrasound

  1. 1. Pain with activities
  2. 2. Soft tissue or bone injury
  3. 3. Tennis elbow or carpal tunnel
  4. 4. Arthritis
  5. 5. Bone spurs

6. Joint stiffness
7. Joint swelling
8. Pain radiating down arms or legs
9. Decreased range of motion in joints
10. Numbness or tingling sensations

Have your mind set on getting an Ultrasound, or just want to learn more contact us at Harahan, New Orleans, LA centers for a deeper understanding at your muscles and joints.