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Great Patient Results: Hear Their Stories

February 29th, 2016

When a new patient comes into Magnolia PT, we want them to know that they are in knowledgeable and capable hands, but also that we care and empathize with their pain. That’s why our approach is to alleviate your pain and discover the root cause, so that working together, we can prevent it from occurring in the future.

It’s one thing for us to talk about it, however, and it’s another to hear from our patients. So we want to share some of our patient success stories: what brought them into Magnolia, what their experience was like, and, most importantly, what kind of results did they achieve.

MPT Success Story: Bob Northey

Bob Northey relies almost exclusively on his shoulders. As a paraplegic for more than 40 years and as a wheelchair athlete, he’s undergone three rotator cuff surgeries and for five years he’s suffered from chronic pain. After years of what he calls “Swedish massage” he decided to look into orthopedic massage and that’s when he discovered MPT and our massage therapist Jean Tassara.

“Jean started working on my right shoulder and it was night and day,” Bob says. Jean suggested Bob further his treatment with physical therapy and currently Bob is 95 % pain free. “I’m so happy because I had chronic pain, but not now,” he says.

Therese Arroyo: Too Young for Shuffling

After surgery for a varicose vein, Therese Arroyo couldn’t seem to recover. She was falling down stairs often, and, as she puts it, “I was walking around like I was 80.” After a year and half of suffering, she took her husband’s advice and came to Magnolia.


Arriving at Magnolia, her therapist Lauren Manna discovered her mobility was extremely limited for a woman her age (mid 40s). Along with other MPT support staff, Lauren and Therese diligently worked to improve her balance, decrease her pain and get her back in heels. Today, Therese is wearing heels again, she can easily get up and down stairs, exercises regularly and she “has her life back.”

Madeline Whitley: Coming Back for More!

This was Madeline “Ms. Maddie” Whitley’s second time seeing us. She first arrived in 2014 after a full knee replacement surgery and when she needed the other knee replaced in 2015, she insisted on returning to MPT. Maddie says coming back gave her quite a relief: “The minute they started working with me, I was glad.”


She’s now fully recovered and adds, “I intend to stay at Magnolia and join the gym program.” Sounds like a great plan, Ms. Maddie, and it will give us all a chance to see you more often.

Allesia Lepanto: “Feels Like Heaven!”

Alessia Lepanto is active in real estate and renovating houses, but a sore shoulder and hip pain were preventing her from sleeping–“The pain kept waking me up”– and enjoying her work. Dr. Christopher Marrero referred her to Magnolia and after working with therapist Phillip Thibodeaux, she feels like a new person: “I was in so much pain, but now it feels like heaven.”


She credits Phillip, everyone at Magnolia and the exercises, which make her feel like she’s healing herself. She even likes Rachael, who made her do the exercises.

We really appreciate that our patients love to share their success stories and results. It lets us know that our approach–patient centered with manual therapy–really works and that “Freedom From Pain” isn’t just a saying: it’s a reality!

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