Have You Heard of Pre-hab? Understanding the Advantages of Preventative Rehabilitation

Have You Heard of Pre-hab? Understanding the Advantages of Preventative Rehabilitation

March 10th, 2023
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Are you waiting to have surgery? Are your muscles or joints weaker than they used to be? Do you have a physically demanding job or sport? If any of these scenarios sound familiar, preventative rehabilitation, or “pre-hab,” may benefit you.

Participating in pre-hab treatments has several advantages. It can reduce recovery time, help the body heal faster, and prevent injuries. Pre-hab is classified into two types: 1) pre-hab for surgical recovery, and 2) pre-hab for injury prevention. Contact Magnolia Physical Therapy today to learn more about the various types of pre-hab and how it can benefit you!

Pre-hab for surgical recovery:

Many people are afraid of the long and difficult recovery periods that follow surgical procedures. This is especially true for those who have had total joint replacement surgery. When confronted with the prospect of spending time in a rehabilitation hospital, many people postpone joint replacement surgery out of fear of the hard recovery ahead.

Pre-hab, fortunately, can help significantly reduce recovery time. Did you know that participating in preventative rehabilitation can cut your chances of needing inpatient rehabilitation by 73%? If you are stronger before surgery, you will be able to reach your physical milestones much faster after surgery, cutting your recovery time by days or even weeks.

Patients undergoing total knee replacement surgery, for example, are typically expected to walk 500-1,000 feet within 24 hours of their procedure. This may appear to be a difficult task; however, those who participate in pre-operative rehabilitation prior to surgery are much more likely to meet this goal than those who do not. Pre-hab gives patients the stretches, strengthening exercises, and pain relief techniques they need for a quick recovery.

Pre-hab for injury prevention:

Pre-hab is an excellent resource for those who are prone to injuries or who are at risk of developing injuries. To determine where your problem areas are, you will undergo a thorough evaluation with your physical therapist. From there, your treatment plan will be developed. Your plan may consist of a combination of exercises, stretches, and pain relief techniques that target areas where injuries are most likely to occur.

Military personnel, for example, are more likely to develop foot, knee, hip, and back problems as a result of the rigors of training and combat. Many of these injuries can be avoided with pre-hab, which teaches proper posture, effective core strengthening exercises, and proper lifting techniques to keep service members strong and healthy. The same can be said for firefighters, factory workers, and other employees who work in physically demanding jobs.

Pre-hab treatments can benefit both professional and amateur athletes. Treatment for these individuals will concentrate on correcting poor posture techniques through conditioning exercises. Their physical therapists will also focus more on the areas of their body that are repeatedly stressed and overused by their sport, determining their risk of injury and devising a strategy to reduce that risk.

Through strength and balance training, physical therapy treatments typically aim to improve mobility and promote pain relief. Pre-hab can assist you in improving your physical abilities in your sport or occupation while also lowering your risk of injury.

Improve your health with pre-hab at Magnolia Physical Therapy !

Do you want to begin your own preventative rehabilitation plan? If this is the case, don’t wait any longer to schedule your initial consultation. Our therapists will determine the best treatment for your specific needs in order to assist you in your recovery and help you achieve your physical goals. Contact us right away to get started!


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