Our Patients Get Great Results- Magnolia Physical Therapy

Our Patients Get Great Results

September 29th, 2015

Straight from our patients.

While we were honored to have Gambit readers select our practice as the “Best Place in New Orleans to Get Physical Therapy,” (sorry, but you’ll have to scroll down),  we thought you would want a few of our patients’ stories and their results.

Here’s a few of our most recent success stories:

Sierra Kerr: TMJ So Bad that yawning made her cry. 

Many people don’t realize how effective physical therapy can be in treating TMJ. But 17 year-old Sierra Kerr certainly does now.

“I’ve had 12 hands and 28 needles in my mouth,” says Sierra Kerr about her Magnolia experience.

Sierra suffered from TMJ dysfunction for five years that was so bad that yawning made her cry, she couldn’t eat and concentration was difficult. She’s had great success with dry needling and now can open her mouth more than twice as wide as when she came to us (“I can eat sandwiches now,” she boasts). Sierra wants to thank the MPT team (12 hands) and her dentist, Ryan Thibodeaux, for making her therapy “a dream.” It’s been a dream for us too, and we wish this Grace King High School senior great success when she attends the University of Louisiana at Lafayette next year to study animation. Congrats, Sierra!

Ann Lucas: 86 year-old point guard gets back in the game!

The sparky 86-year old point guard for the Silver Slammers basketball team began experiencing hip pain after returning from the Senior Olympics, where her team won a bronze medal. Her doctor thought it was the beginning of arthritis, kidding with her, “you should have got this a long time ago.”

Unable to shoot hoops or garden due to the pain, Ms. Ann, a 40-year cancer survivor, started working with therapist Phillip Thibodeaux and PTA Kate Rohm DeVille and is now pain free and back on the court! With her energy and enthusiasm, there’s little doubt that Ms. Ann could be leading the Slammers to gold next year!

Gary Liebert: “Feeling Better Than I have in Years”

Carpenter Gary Liebert says he’s been through a lot of therapy, but “this is the only place I’ve enjoyed coming to.”

After a car wreck, Gary was suffering from neck and back pain and even for a tough guy, he found it hard to work through the pain. He began therapy at MPT and with the help of the staff–particularly Jess Carroll–he’s back to building houses, pain free, sleeping better and “feeling better than I have in years.” We’ll miss Gary, but we gave him a MPT t-shirt as a going away present. Great work, Gary and Jess!

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